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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some great common questions we receive about home remodeling projects. Feel free to reach out  and ask more if you have them. Great Earth Environments is listed among the top three percent of contractors in the US. We are beyond thankful for our clients, friends and family over the last 42 years who helped in make it happen.

What is your service area?

Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Orange, Tustin, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, mainly Orange County, California (25-mile radius from these)

Are you Insured?


Do you carry GL (General Liability) insurance?

Yes, insurance certificates provided upon request.

Do you carry WC (Workers Compensation) insurance?

Yes. Insurance certificates provided upon request.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

Typically 3 days from initial meeting

Who will be coming out to give the estimate?

Myself, the owner of Great Earth Environments

How long is an estimate good for?

90 days

Can I get a drawing of the project?

If square footage is being added to the home both architectural and engineering drawings are required to obtain permits

What are your credentials?

I have been remodeling projects in the Orange county area of Southern California for 42 years, I am licensed as a general contractor (B), Landscape contractor (C-27) Swimming Pool Contractor (C-53) and Solar contractor (C-46) We are listed as among the top 3% of contractors in the U.S.

How do you handle the dirty work?

We clean up our projects each day.

How do you handle over runs?

With any remodeling project, you can’t see everything until exposed. We over-communicate every exception we see and involve you in the process and solution. Any changes are discussed prior and agreed upon by you prior to us taking any action.

Do you use sub-contractors?

Sometimes we do but almost all of our subcontractors have been part of our company for many years.

Do you have pictures of previous jobs?

The best way to view previous jobs is to check out our project videos on the homepage.

Can I pull a building permit myself?


How far do you travel for jobs?

Not more than 25 miles from our designated areas in Orange County, California

What about payment?

We follow the letter of the law. We typically collect each Friday for work that has been completed.

What about contracts and orders?

Our contracts at Great Earth Environments fulfill all the state of California requirements. 

What about lead paint?

We are licensed to comply with all federal and state requirements.

How much should I plan for over runs?

On new construction projects, 10% is a good number. On remodeling projects 10% – 15% is best. If you do not need it, all the better.

What questions should I ask a potential contractor?

The state of California requires we give you this (click here)

Does every remodeling job need a permit?

Usually, Yes

What is difference between big box stores and re-modelers?

Quite a bit! Basically you get what you pay for. Most times same brand name products are a lower quality even though they have the same brand name at big box stores. Every situation is different, so it is important to carefully compare estimates from each of these types of companies.

Why is it when I get three different estimates that the prices are so different?

Many factors go into pricing a remodeling job. The most obvious is making sure all estimates have the same materials and scope of work. If you cannot understand all the information, go back, and ask the contractor for clarification. If you cannot get satisfactory written results, eliminate that contractor from future bidding. Quality of work is hard to show in a written estimate and is also a factor in costs. This part of the cost difference is usually only confirmed by calling references and/or visiting jobs the contractor has completed. Check references for work completed years ago to see how their works stands up to the test of time. When a contractor carries all the proper and required licenses and insurances, his prices will be higher than a “Chuck in a Truck” or “fly by night” contractor.

Do you need insurance to pull a permit?

Usually, Yes

What if I need to get in touch with you while my project is in progress?

I am available 8am-8pm Monday through Saturday. We give you all of our contact info and encourage you to reach out.

Are liens out on my property while work is in progress?


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